Introducing a new way to shop at our local retailers

Community Cart is a virtual shopping platform for Tasmanian retailers and market stallholders to sell their products online.

There are a lot of businesses in Tasmania doing it tough at the moment, so I've created a platform to support them.

My name's Jamie, and I have a vision to build the internet's equivalent of Salamanca Market; a place where Tasmanians, mainlanders and people all over the world can come to browse the best products that Tassie has to offer.

I understand that retailers are struggling with a lack of foot traffic heading into their stores and markets unable to operate. People are staying home, and they need a way to support our stores and stallholders from the comfort of their couch.

Community Cart aims to reconnect our retailers with their customers with an online community of stores that work together to support each other. A crowd brings a crowd, even in the cloud.

How does it work?

Just like any other online store really. Think eBay or Amazon, but with a much more local focus. Each business on Community Cart has a store to sell their products, but also a story to tell on how they came to sell those products.

Please read their stories, and support our unique Tasmanian businesses through this difficult period.

Help spread the word!

There are a lot of businesses out there doing it tough at the moment, and I've created this platform to support them, so please tell your friends and family about Community Cart so we can reach those who need us.

Try Community Cart free for a week

Join Community Cart and I’ll provide you with your own online store to showcase and sell all of your unique products. It’s super easy to manage, and I’ll be here to help you get started. Plus you get your first 7 days free!
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