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Community Cart aims to reconnect our retailers with their customers with an online community of stores that work together to support each other.

Tasmania's small businesses are having to adapt quickly to a world where face-to-face communication just isn't possible any more. I've watched stores and markets in my local area close up, so as someone who builds websites for a living and suddenly has a lot of time on my hands I thought it would be nice to help our local businesses adapt to this strange new life where ecommerce is the only commerce.

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Join Community Cart and I’ll provide you with your own online store to showcase and sell all of your unique products. It’s super easy to manage, and I’ll be here to help you get started. Plus you get your first 7 days free!
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Why not just set up my own online store?

You can totally do this, and being a web designer I can also help you with this option if you’d prefer to have your own store.

The purpose of Community Cart is to provide a much more affordable alternative, and a community of stores that can share web traffic with each other in the same way that a market or a shopping centre would share foot traffic.

What can I sell?

Anything and everything! You might sell books, clothing, artwork, jewellery or even pickled walnuts. Anything you can package up and post, hand deliver to your customers’ doors or make available for pickup can be sold in your Community Cart store.

You set your own prices and delivery fees.

How much does it cost?

It costs $10 per month to open your store with Community Cart. There’s also a transaction fee of $1 or 10% of the transaction total (whichever is highest), which covers web hosting and administration fees, along with payment fees from our secure payment platform Stripe.

How do I set up my store and add products?

When you sign up to Community Cart you'll gain access to the store management page, where you can upload your business' logo, write a store bio and add products. Its all pretty simple, but if you do get stuck I'll be here to give you a hand.

How many products can I sell in my store?

Each store can hold up to 50 products (including variants such as different sizes, colours or flavours). If you think you'll need more than this, please get in touch to discuss.

How do I get paid?

You keep 90% of what you earn on Community Cart. Your sales revenue will be deposited into your nominated bank account every two business days, though it may take a couple of days to clear from the bank.

How do I know when I make a sale?

You'll receive an email with the order details, including what you've sold, who you've sold it to, along with delivery instructions.

Have everything you need?

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